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Sump pump with air column therein when pump is not operating

An air column is employed in a sump pump to exclude liquid and foreign matter therein from the pump interior until a time just prior to priming and

Liquid decontamination system using electrical discharge with

2. The system of claim 1 further comprising discharge arcs within the first chamber between Sump pump enable switch 112, drain enable switch

Monitor and control for a multi-pump system

Wire-to-water efficiency (W) of a multi-pump system is monitored and accurately determined according to the formula: ##EQU1## wherein Q is flow


An alarm system is provided for generating an alert when a water-powered sump pump is activated and water is being used by the water-powered sump pump

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Oil level control system

417/13, 184/6.4, 184/103.1, 184/103.2, sump to maintain the correct oil level in the to a common discharge header 20 by conduits 22

Fluid purification using hydraulic vortex system

an inlet at one end through which is delivereddischarge line which removes waste products from The higher the inlet port the deeper the sump

Genetic analysis of chromosome meiotic mutants in

The characterization of these pre- sumptive meiotic mutants is presented 2 10 139 23 27 100 3 0 200 000 0;3/3 0 58 15 13 1 88 9 0

Systems and methods for detecting and resolving sump pump

A method and system detects and resolves impending failures in a sump pump, such as failures in a motor of the sump pump and soft mechanical failures

3/4 HP, 115 Volts, 1 Phase, 13 Amps, 1-1/2 NPT Discharge,

Zoeller 145-0002, Model N145 Sump Effluent Pump, 3/4 HP, 115 Volts, 1 Phase, 13 Amps, 1-1/2 NPT Discharge, 61 GPM Max, 74 ft Max Head,

Pump for mobile fire pumpers

discharge hose with suitable wrenches, nozzles andsae time be light aind compact .enough as a as provided through a sump 40 in the crank

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(70x100x16)BSB 035072 SUL P37022ASTRSUMP47022E 1/8 FPM S5 NPI 1/4 PAMXB7PSI 24V DC 0-4000-1500,rpm,BC72RMS1209 HR12-02ELETTROTEC

Sump pump with reduced-noise check valve

A system is provided for reducing noise produced by a falling liquid column in a discharge line connected to a sump pump through a flapper valve, when


A wastewater sump assembly for receiving and disposing of undesired fluid and, in some cases, solid waste is disclosed. A sump basin formed from a base


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Motor speed, motor amps, float position and elapsed run time are monitored to determine whether a sump pump is in a normal condition, a jammed

Double swivel apparatus and method

(ii) a first sleeve, the first sleeve being Bronze rings preferably meet or exceed an SAE Sump Packer has been set on Depth with



Horizontal two stage rotary compressor

one of said outboard bearings and said oil pumpdischarge port in fluid communication said motor an oil sump defined in said housing; a

method of use in zero liquid discharge industrial facilities

(the latter two inlets may be combined, where discharge to and drying of the of concentrated sump 44 and the density of such liquid is

Pilot operated throttling valve for constant flow pump

A pilot operate, throttling valve is provided for a pump that has inlet valving sufficient to permit the pump to operate with charged fluid at a

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LVVolvoPump V30B066-RKN-LVPBVolvoPump PVV2-1XWILLY VOGELRing pumpR35/50-FL-Z-DB16-W-SAE2 5.5 kW YT90APAAA4505SacemiSump pump AP 90A,

Through flow sump pump

An improved sump pump apparatus of submersible nature of the type in which a pump impeller is located above an intake opening for drawing sump water

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