steam hose couplings 22mm to 15mm


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Coupler for train pipes

This invention relates to improvements in hose couplings, or the like, of the type particularly adapted, although not specifically limited, for use in

Water-to-water heat pipe exchanger

International Classes: F28D15/04; (IPC1-7): hoses, pipe couplings or similar means suitable slurry in water may be steam heated from 55°


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Flexible hose for connecting sanitary appliances

A hose for connecting a sanitary appliance, such as a lavatory supplied with water, to the distribution network, this connection hose being constituted by


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Coupling for steam or other pipes

My invention relates to couplings for steam and other pipes, and is particularlyThe coupling will now hang from the hose in about the position shown

Pipe or hose coupling

This invention relates to irnprwements in pipe or hose couplings. My improvedHowever, as soon as the steam, or other fluid, is turned on, the

fittings with clamp units - Part 6: TW tank truck couplings

document are intended to link hoses with connections for the transport of liquids, solid matters and gases with the exception of liquid gas and steam

Improvement in pipe or hose couplings

Improvement in pipe or hose couplingsUS 162169 A, and at the same time shut ott the steam.US2464466 * 19461221 1949315 Stout

High-pressure filter.

with two ordinary steam couplings (20) and (21(15) upon the gasket rings (1 1) we providesteam hose may be attached, so that steam may

Steam-coupling for steam-heating railway-cars

This invention relates to certain improvements in pipe or hose couplings for steamheating purposes in railway-cars; and it consists in the novel construction

BS EN ISO 4023-2009 -

• STANDARD LENGTH : Available in up to 15Hoses, PTFE Teflon Hoses, Steam Hose, Furnace Hoses, Quick Release Couplings, Camlock Couplings,


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Locking device for hose-couplings.

F/COGGIN. LOCKING DEVICE FOR HOSE COUPLINGS. If steam be admitted to the train line, it 838,753, filed May 15, 1914 l/Ve claim: 1

steam hose coupling - Buy Quality steam hose coupling on m

to find exclusive discounts for steam hose hose fittings hose couplings US $0.10-10.00 /US $0.15-0.30 /Pieces 1

Method for attaching couplings to hose

Method for attaching couplings to hoseUS 2257355 A (1) (OCR of the hard layer on the nipple, for instance hot water or steam. As

Hose dismantling and assembling machine

Cover plate15 is secured to portion let by bolts 16 engaging in holes , while dismantling tool 172 is used for pulling steam hose couplings

Milk - Index of Memoranda of Milk Ordinance Equipment

Mark 16/1PL, Mark 3RJ 4/15/1963 M-b-10 M-b-23 Pure-Pak Steam Defoamer and Sanitary FillerM-b-309 Dairy Hose Couplings and Hoses Titan

Manufacturer of Expansion bellows, High Pressure Hoses,

• STANDARD LENGTH : Available in up to 15Hoses, PTFE Teflon Hoses, Steam Hose, Furnace Hoses, Quick Release Couplings, Camlock Couplings,

Fbank a

The opposed ends of the air or steam pipes on two cars are usually Couplings A and B are secured, respectively, to the hose sections J and

Pipe coupling

This invention relates to pipe or hose couplings,steam may possibly require a springor other 15. A coupling, comprising a pair of hollow coupling

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