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Insecticidal 1-acyl-3-substituted-2-(nitro(phenylthio)-

Insecticidal 1-acyl-3-substituted-2-(nitro(phenylthio)methylene)imidazolidines. or alkyl or alkoxy of from one to six carbon atoms, R1 is alkyl,

HBM K-T10F-500Q-SF1-S-0-V6-N-N-20|

2014715- Kroma PSS7.020-0K::1000,:,: click to expand contents

Synergistisches Stabilisatorgemisch auf Basis von Polyalkyl-1

(IPC1-7): C09K15/30 C07D498/10 C07D498/20 C08G63/685 C08G73/06 Bitumen oder Asphalt und zur Stabilisierung von spontan zur Polymerisation

3-aryl-4-hydroxy-2-oxo-pyrroline derivative and nicotine

An agent for the control of animal pests contains a synergistic mixture of 3-aryl-4-hydroxy-2-oxo-pyrroline derivatives (I) and at least one nicotine

The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania (US - DVD R1)

Genius Products and IFC Films plan to release this documentary in December Cookies are also used by third-parties for statistics, social media and advert

Hydrocarbonaceous composition

at least one aldehyde and/or at least one bitumens of which are obtained as residue in asphalts may include petroleum tar and asphalt

helpenstein k.

p num=0000Es werden einkomponentige, feuchtigkeitsh?rtende, isocyanatfreie Zusammensetzungen enthaltendbr/a. mindestens ein Polymer mit re

Method and system for extraction of hydrocarbons from oil sands

A system and method for extracting hydrocarbon products from oil sands using nuclear energy sources for power to decrease the viscosity of bitumen in oil

substitutes and/or carriers in tar sand/bitumen

ii) at least one surfactant selected from the tar, tar sand, bitumen, asphalt or asphaltene wherein R1 and R2 are hydrocarbon groups

mining technique for recovering bitumen from tar sand

Viscous petroleum including bitumen may be recovered from unconsolidated sand formations such as tar sand deposits by hydraulic mining. Hot water of steam

Bitumen shortage causing R1bn of delays in South Africa - ICA

More than one billion rand (£79 million) worth of road projects in South Africa are being delayed by a bitumen shortage. According to


201026-Single-component, moisture-curing isocyanate-free compositions are described that comprise a. at least one polymer having reactive silyl gro


one to four carbon atoms, or wherein R1 and coal tar, bitumen, textile fibers, glass fibersfixed in this position by means of a hose clip

Copolymer, useful as a binder for coatings and in coating

2008520-Copolymer comprises: 20-40 wt.% of at least one (meth)acrylic acid ester compound (1a); 5-20 wt.% of at least one (meth)acrylic acid ester

Bituminous composition with improved ‘walk-on-ability’ and

(A), at least one elastomer component (B) “R1” is a C1-4 hydrocarbonylene group, “occurring bitumen or derived from a mineral oil

W?ssrige Polymerisat-Sekund?rdispersionen zur Herstellung von

p num=0000Die Erfindung betrifft w?ssrige Polymerisat-Sekund?rdispersionen auf Basis spezieller Acrylatbausteine, ein Verfahren zu deren Herstellung

sloping surfaces of sides of channels has upper and lower

20121220-The slip-form paver (1) may lay concrete or bitumen (7) on a sloping surface (5) at the side (4) of a water channel, barrier or other slopin


There is disclosed embodiments of a composition comprising asphalt and an organic solvent and an additive, wherein the composition has at least one of


2011120- R1 -X-R2, wherein R1 is an open chain wherein X is one selected from NH, NCH3 andHigh recovery of oil/bitumen from tar sands can


The invention relates to a process for gluing solid materials with hot-melt adhesives based on reaction products of copolymers of esters of unsaturated

improving the storage stability of polymer modified asphalts

asphalt that contains a higher molecular weight STR1## where R is C6 to C50 alkyl, R1 is elastomer blends with bitumen 1983-05-24 Bohm et

reduce moisture-induced damage in asphalt-aggregate mixtures

Asphalt-aggregate roads crack when subjected to freezing and thawing cycles. Herein, the useful life of asphalts are substantially improved by a minor

Poly(1,4-cyclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate) with

Disclosed are reinforced polyester compositions having repeat units from terephthalic acid and 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol which have improved melt stability du

Curable composition containing 1,4-diaminobutane derivatives

1,4-Diaminobutanes of the formula ##STR1## in which R1 is H or - coal tar, bitumen, liquid coumarone-indene resins, textile fibres, glass

Supramolecular polymer-containing bituminous composition

2011320-The present invention relates to a bituminous composition comprising at least one bitumen and at least one polycondensate capable of forming

Use of hardenable cycloaliphatic derivatives for borehole-

at least one ethylenically unsaturated group, R1 is a saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbon asphalts, bitumens, dyes, pigments, thixotropi

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